Sea and Ocean-Going Kayak Brands

As you progress in your kayaking skills, you may want to try going out into the sea to take on the surf. This is a popular aspect of kayaking that never fails to bring thrills. 

Nevertheless, it still requires professional kayaks from the most respected brands. These are often a much more expensive purchase, so you want the best possible info. 

We’ve compiled a short list of the best brands available.


Otherwise known as BorealDesigns, Boreal’s sea kayaks are considered in the Top Three by just about everyone. They design their kayaks for modern performance while still bringing traditional aesthetics.

Their Baffin P3 is highly regarded as a great ocean-going kayak for those overly tall and have trouble fitting into similar boats. Boreal made their Baffin P3 at 17.5 feet, giving you plenty of room to crawl in. 

While this is a little long, it still only comes in at just over 65 lbs. It has excellent tracking performance, plus plenty of room for storage when on the water. Acceleration capability is also reportedly top-tier.

With yourself and your gear, it holds up to 300 lbs without any issues.


One of the best American kayak makers is Eddyline, or at least in the sea kayak industry. You can count on every sea kayak here being manufactured here in the U.S. where they focus on innovation every year.

They’ve also been around for 50 years, so you can trust them to bring you some of the best quality ocean kayaks around.

Eddyline never did go to corporate level either and stayed small to tap into what sea kayakers truly want. 

Reports are that their Sitka LT is one of their most popular sea kayak models. Yes, it’s spendy, yet it offers as much nimble performance as what you’d find in a recreational version. It’s also made for any body of water beyond the ocean.


No doubt you’ve seen Perception mentioned a lot of places when it comes to the most durable kayaks. We’ve mentioned them here numerous times in different kayak categories.

They also make excellent sea kayaks, with their 11’6” Expression being noted as one of their bestsellers.

Tracking on the waves in this is stellar thanks to Perception’s TruTrak skeg system. Roto-molded Polyethylene is also used as the main material, giving it superior durability for the roughest waves.

Despite all that, it still weighs only 44 lbs, another example of how so many top kayak manufacturers add so much without adding extra weight.

Their seat in this sea kayak is also super comfortable for all parts of your body. No more feeling sore after your sea excursion.


Some might think the familiar brand name of Dagger only produces whitewater kayaks. Our blog about the best whitewater kayaks mentions them as a favorite.

Not everyone knows they also produce some quality sea kayaks. It’s their Stratos 14.5L that really shines, according to experts. 

A fast and maneuverable hull on the Stratos makes all the difference, plus its amazing stability. It can take on high surf, or just choppy water in rivers.

Get this one if you’re into multi-day adventuring on the sea with your kayak. You’ll also appreciate its roomy storage areas so you can go camping after being on the ocean all day. 

Keep in mind this is the most expensive model in the Dagger line, but worth it. All of this in a 53 lbs. kayak is a solid investment.


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