Kayak Paddle Brands

Perhaps you’ve just bought your first kayak, but need a good paddle to take on certain bodies of water. While some kayaks come with a paddle, not all do. 

In many cases, you’ll have to buy your paddle separately. And with that, it means doing another round of shopping while considering hundreds of paddle brands.

Which ones are the best today? Here’s our short list. 

Bending Branches

Perhaps you’re new to the Bending Branches brand name for kayak paddles. They focus exclusively on kayak paddles to ensure quality rather than overextending themselves creating kayaks.

One of their best paddles is their Whisper model. It has a low angle structure to give you the best possible performance on any type of water.

At only 37 oz besides, it’s one of the lightest available, something important in keeping better control while you paddle. This model can also break down into two pieces, making for easy storage and for placing in a bag if hiking to your kayaking spot. 

When fully assembled, the Whisper paddle is about 18 inches long. Width is close to 7 inches. 

Wilderness Systems

Many of you have probably heard of Wilderness Systems and their kayak brands. The company also produces kayak paddles, often intended to go with their kayaks.

You can still buy them alone to use on another kayak brand of your choice. Many cite their Pungo Glass paddle as one of the best available anywhere.

Much of the appeal comes in the ability to customize the length and the blade feather. Not many other brands let you do this. Fiberglass materials also make it highly efficient on the water, plus being extremely light.

Being a mid-sized paddle lends it to helping adjust to about any paddling experience level. Give this a try since it’s also one of the most affordable paddles out there.


Another leader in kayak paddles is Werner, with the company’s Camano paddle one of the true favorites with everyone.

Similar features to the above Wilderness Systems paddle exist here, including the advantage of being lightweight. However, the real standout is the shaft texture of the blades, allowing more comfort if paddling for longer hours during the day.

A version with a smaller shaft is also available, giving you more choice if you happen to have a smaller body shape. Werner truly thinks of the paddler as an individual, offering several customized options.

One of these options is being able to buy the Camano in one piece rather than two pieces if you’re not crazy about assembly. Overall, it’s also noted as being one of the best low angle paddles currently available.


If still in the entry-level market, go for a paddle in the Cannon Escape E series. These are known for having superior grip and their lightweight quality.

Thanks to their superior grip, it makes it easier on the hands if you’ve had trouble controlling other paddles in the past. A longer length on these also helps put less fatigue on you physically while out on the water.

Coming in two pieces with easy assembly, Cannon even gives you three size options, something not overly common with others. 

One feature a lot of kayakers love here is the drip rings Cannon places on each blade. When you’re out on the water, you don’t want water dripping on you constantly, especially when it’s cold. 

You’ll find a good price on this based on how basic it is without sacrificing quality.




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