Inflatable Kayak Brands

No doubt you’ve seen inflatable kayaks for sale if you’ve been shopping to start new kayaking adventures. Perhaps the first thought is an inflatable is far too cheap and non-professional for your current level.

In truth, inflatables are just as durable and professional as regular boats. What matters are the materials it’s made of, and the added features. 

Take a look at the best inflatable kayak brands out there as proof.


Any inflatable kayak by Driftsun is a current favorite with kayakers, even though they’re intended mostly for beginners. 

Their two-person inflatable kayak is one of their most popular and affordable. You can kayak in it alone, but it’s made as a tandem boat for two people.

PVC materials are a major plus in why Driftsun is so popular. You’re not going to wear this out fast, no matter what kind of water you kayak on. 

The back of the seats are also padded, so you have plenty of comfort. Most impressive is that it holds up to 450 lbs. of weight. You can take plenty of gear with you this way, even though it doesn’t have a lot of features for a true professional. Still, it weighs only an incredible 27 lbs. when inflated.


This company is one of the rare ones who create non-inflatable kayaks, despite being made out of plastic. Technically, it still breaks down since it’s foldable rather than requiring air to inflate. 

Many kayakers prefer this if they don’t want to bother with the inflating process before hitting the water. Being made of plastic, it makes Oru’s kayaks only 26 lbs. 

Their Ocean LT model is very popular based on its long length and spacious cockpit storage space. You get some amazing control in this model, including extreme durability.

While designed for more casual kayak outings, you can certainly use it for hitting the ocean as well. Thanks to non-porous plastic, it dries out within a short time after taking the boat out of the water.

Advanced Elements

You’ve likely seen Advanced Elements mentioned as a top kayak manufacturer. They’ve also delved into the inflatables market, which they call the AdvancedFrame series.

Any one of these models will give you some of the best quality available, albeit designed for the beginner. You can also buy one for under $500 most places, making it one of the most affordable inflatable brands today. 

What makes an AdvancedFrame inflatable stand out is it comes with a folding seat, making it easy to set up before hitting the water. Comfort level is also a plus, not including coming with various essential accessories.

You’ll even get a repair kit with one of these, an important thing to have in the case of emergencies. The reason this is more essential here is it’s designed strictly for you solo kayak adventurers.

Sea Eagle

One of the most durable inflatables is one from Sea Eagle, namely their SE370K_P model. Thanks to the use of polykrylar as the main material, it can hold up in just about any conditions for years to come. 

What kayakers love the most about this is it’s so customizable for either two people (tandem), one person, or even three individuals. Yes, you could even take your dog along if you and a friend kayak together. 

It comes with a lot more added accessories than you typically get in inflatables. Sea Eagle offers its own paddle, plus a stronger pump to inflate the kayak in under 10 minutes. 

You’ll even be able to enjoy inflatable seats that are, reportedly, very comfortable.


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