Fiberglass Kayak Brands

Have you ever thought about buying a kayak made with fiberglass? A strong contingent of kayakers prefer fiberglass above all other materials because it makes the boat lightweight and easier to control in speed.

While you’ll always find varying opinions on the best material, let’s look at what’s available in fiberglass kayaks. Keep in mind that fiberglass is often used as a composite of materials on many boats.

Which brands use this material with the best features? Here’s our short list.


Anyone who’s shopped for kayaks knows about Eddyline. They usually use composite materials in their kayaks, including elements of fiberglass to bring the utmost durability.

Their Rio Kayak is particularly notable for using a Carbonlite composite ABS construction. It gives the look of composite manufacturing while giving the same level of durableness.

All of that means only a 35 lbs. kayak, which shows you an example of how light these can be with fiberglass elements. 

Storage in the Rio Kayak is also notable, including 10-inch hatches and other room for gear storage. The seats are reportedly very comfortable thanks to five height positions, plus the ability to recline.


Let’s head to Europe where a lot more pure fiberglass kayaks are being made. Polymor is based in France and known for focusing exclusively on fiberglass/polyester as their main materials.

The company’s KITIWIC Rigid Kayak is especially notable in this department. While intended for beginners, it’s a perfect starter boat with plenty of speed capability, despite being 17 feet long. 

At 55 lbs., it weighs a little more, but still light enough where you can carry it without breaking your back. 

Plasmor does charge quite a lot for this (including international shipping). Yet, it’s your opportunity to get a pure fiberglass boat without other composite materials mixed in.

Hody Sport

Head to Hungary, and you’ll find another popular international fiberglass kayak manufacturer in Hody Sport. They have numerous variations on their fiberglass boats, with their K-1 Hydra being one of their newest and most popular models.

Thanks to a flattened bow construction, you can gain instant speed on this once you hit the water. Many of their kayaks are designed for competition as well if you’re training for that lately.

At only a little over 17 lbs, it’s incredibly light based on its pure fiberglass design. Vinyl ester resin, manual lamination, and vacuum technology make up the fiberglass structure on the deck.

Despite many of Hody Sport’s fiberglass boats intended for racing, they’re also perfect for kayak tours on the sea.


In Germany, you’ll find kayak manufacturer Prijon. Many of their kayaks are made up of a composite of fiberglass materials. 

One popular for beginners in their catalog is the Custom Line CL 370. It comes in a basic economical model, or one loaded with more features for long kayak tours.

Either way, its composite fiberglass lends it to being only a little over 50 lbs. Plus, it can hold up to 309 lbs. of weight without affecting your speed ability. 

Comfort level was given more attention on Prijon’s kayaks going by their padded seats and added thigh pads.

Knysna Racing

Did you know South Africa also produces fiberglass kayaks? Knysna Racing is very notable there, with their Big Rush K2 being their most popular product.

One of the standout aspects of their K2 is the ability to hold up to 507 lbs.! That’s an incredible amount of weight to hold for any kayak on the market. 

Designed for intermediate level kayakers, you also get an option of pedal or T-bar steering. You can even decide whether you want the rudder under the stern or over.

At 21 feet long, it’s longer than some. Nevertheless, the speed performance on this is highly regarded.


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